Southern Analysis Region 

Workshop at UTA
April 18 & 19, 2003

Program & Slides 
This two day workshop is devoted to the establishment of a DØ analysis infrastructure that can serve those institutions in the southern geographic region of the U.S.  The the primary goals of the workshop are:
  • Define the Southern Analysis Region (SAR)
  • Kick-start the Southern RAC at UTA
  • Prepare SAR sites for the "grid" environment (Globus, Condor, etc., along with SAM capability)
  • Understand the software & hardware requirements
  • Set clear goals and their corresponding time scales, including a road map for eventual integration of SAR into the global DØGrid
  • Decide on work assignments fo participating institutions
  • Enable Monte Carlo production capabilities at the various sites, including those without dedicated resources
  • "Hands-on" sessions detailing SAM station installation, MC farming, and coordinated remote MC generation
Workshop Preparation
Network @ Workshop
VRVS and 
Teleconferencing @ Workshop