ATLAS Southwest Tier 2 Center

Analysis Workshop

  March 11, 2006

Next Meeting: May 5 & 6, 2006

Program & Slides
This workshop is the inaugural meeting for the SWT2 Center dedicated to planning for physics analysis that will be conducted using resources at the facilities.   Now that significant computing infrastructure is starting to be deployed at SWT2 sites, this is a good opportunity to begin discussions about how physics analyses will be able to benefit from the services that will be offered.

See the links at left for detailed information about attending the meeting.  All sessions will be held in room xxx in the new Chemistry and Physics Building.

Update -- March 22, 2006:  slides that were generated during the afternoon discussion sessions are now posted on the meeting agenda web page.  See the attachments to the talks that began at 14:30.

Update -- May 1, 2006:  the second meeting in this series will be held at UTA on May 5 & 6, 2006.  The agenda for this meeting is available here.



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