UTA ATLAS - Overview of the IBTC

UTA is involved in the construction of the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter (aka TileCal or TiCal). In particular, we are developing plans for adding sampling in the region of the TileCal between the barrel and extended barrel (See Figure 1). This region has a lot of "dead material" due to cabling and services for the solenoid, LAr calorimeter and central detectors.

Figure 1 : ATLAS Calorimetry

The layout of the new sampling calorimeter, called the Intermediate Barrel Tile Calorimeter (IBTC) is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 : Layout of the IBTC

and here is a conceptual drawing of the IBTC complete with dimensions. N.B. These drawings are a bit stale. For more up-to-date news on IBTC and TileCal developments, look at Kaushik De's ATLAS Tilecal Page
For people working on the IBTC, detailed technical drawings can be found here

One of the first jobs to be completed at UTA is the construction of an assembly fixture which will be used to stack TileCal Modules. A drawing of the stacking assembly fixture is shown in Fig 3.

Figure 3 : Layout of the IBTC Assembly Fixture

Lee Sawyer/sawyer@utahep.uta.edu