DØ Institutional Analysis Center at UTA

This is the home page of the DØ Institutional Analysis Center (IAC) at UTA.  UTA has been a home of the DØ off-site Monte Carlo Production farms for the past 10 years or so.   Our farm has grown to 60 cpu linux farm in DØ run II.  At the recent DØ Southern Analysis Region Workshop, together with Tata Institute, India, University of Oklahoma and Louisiana Tech University, we have deployed our home grown DØ Monte Carlo farm control system, McFarm, which was interfaced to Condor batch control.  Especially the OU Farm consists of desktop machines in the OU HEP group.  This accomplishment opened up the possibility of all DØ institutions to contribute in a more significant manner to the experiment.  The McFarm software also can fetch data files off of SAM system, reconstruct them and record back into the system.

The contact information for UTA IAC are as follows:
Name Telephone
IAC Representative Jae Yu (817)272-2814
IAC Technical/Emergency Contact HyunWoo Kim (630)840-8382

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