Note Number
Sumission Date
UTA-HEP/D0-0001 B. Spurlock "An Introduction to DØ Data Analysis at UTA" May 6, 2003
UTA-HEP/D0-0002 F. Jaafari "A study of Z boson decays to e+e- final states using DØ RunII Data" May 7, 2003
UTA-HEP/D0-0003 S. Habib "DØ Analysis of the Process W --> en" May 7, 2003
UTA-HEP/D0-0004 V. Kaushik "DØ Analysis of the Process W --> mn + jets" May 7, 2003
UTA-HEP/D0-0005 B. Spurlock "Z --> µµ Analysis Project " May 7, 2003
UTA-HEP/D0-0006 V. Kaushik
"A Search for the Higgs Boson In Its Associated Production With A W Vector
Boson In p-pbar Collisions at sq.rt(s) = 1.96 TeV" (Dissertation)
December 17, 2007

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