Presentations from the UTA HEP
DoE Site Visit - November 14, 2001

Morning Session -- Status Reports

1) A. White: Overview of the HEP Program at UTA (PDF)

2) A. White: DO Intercrostat Detector (ICD) Part I

3) M. Sosebee: Intercrostat Detector (ICD) Part II (PDF)

4) A. Brandt: Forward Proton Detector (FPD) Part I (PDF)

5) M. Strang: Forward Proton Detector (FPD) Part II (PDF)

6) J. Yu: Offline Computing, Monte Carlo Farm Part I (PDF)

7) T. Wlodek: Monte Carlo Farm Part II (PDF)

8) M. Sosebee: HEP Group Computing Infrastructure (PDF)

9) K. De: UTA Participation in Atlas (PDF)

Afternoon Session I -- Short Faculty/Student Presentations

C. Royon: Diffractive Higgs Production (PDF)
P. Hanlet: FPD Electronics
M. Strang: Diffractive Di-jet Analysis (PDF)
A. Brandt: Diffractive W, Z-boson Production (PDF)
Y. Song: Search for Stop Squarks in Top Quark Decays (PDF)
K. De: Search for Sbottom Squarks at the LHC (PDF)
T. Wlodek: Search for 2nd Generation Leptoquarks in mu+mu+jets (PDF)
J. Yu: Higgs Search at DO (PDF)
A. White: Gluino-Gaugino Production
A. White: Heavy Squarks at the LHC
N. Guler: Silicon Detector Characterization for PP2PP at RHIC (PDF)
B. Spurlock: Photodiode Intercalibration System for the Atlas Tile Calorimeter (PDF)
P. McGuigan: Monitoring the Atlas Data Grid (PDF)

Afternoon Session II -- Future Projects

1) J. Yu: Digital Hadtron Calorimetery (PDF)

2) A. White: Nanotechnology and HEP

3) K. De: PP2PP at BNL (PDF)