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Note Number
UTA-HEP/LC-0001 S. Habib Simulation Studies of a New Digital Hadron Calorimeter, Using Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM)  - UTA MS Thesis
UTA-HEP/LC-0002 S. Habib Updated Studies of TESLA-TDR Hadron Calorimeter Energy Resolution
UTA-HEP/LC-0003 S. Magill, J. Repond, 
A. Turcot & J. Yu
Calorimeter Group Testbeam Requirements
UTA-HEP/LC-0004 V. Kaushik Performance of Novel Hadron Calorimeter Using Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM) and The Energy Flow Algorithm Development - UTA MS Thesis
UTA-HEP/LC-0005 Worldwide LC Test Beam Working Group Report on Worldwide Linear Collider Test Beam Effort
UTA-HEP/LC-0006 Worldwide LC Test Beam Working Group ILC Test Beam Planning Document to Fermilab (FNAL-TM/2291)
UTA-HEP/LC-0007 J. Li & C. Hahn GEM Efficiency Measurements using the Prototype Chamber
UTA-HEP/LC-0008 J. Li & C. Hahn GEM Hit Multiplicity Measurements using the Prototype Chamber
UTA-HEP/LC-0009 D. Jenkins &  J. Smith GEM Operating HV  setting and Optimal Gas Mixture Measurements using the Prototype Chamber
UTA-HEP/LC-0010 K. Palmer & A. Nozawa GEM Implementation and Simulation of GEM Electric and Magnetic Field Effect using Maxwell and Garfield
UTA-HEP/LC-0011 A. Nozawa 3M GEM Foil HV Test Results
UTA-HEP/LC-0012 J. Smith
FNAL Preamp Test Procedure and Certification Results
UTA-HEP/LC-0013 H. Brown
Study of the Impact of GEM Foil Leakage Current to Gains
UTA-HEP/LC-0014 S. Kim
GemView and Plotter Manual
UTA-HEP/LC-0015 S. Kim
GemView, The UTA DAQ Program
UTA-HEP/LC-0016 J. Li & J. Smith
GEM Signal Shaper Design
UTA-HEP/LC-0017 A. Nozawa GEM Foil HV Testing Procedure
UTA-HEP/LC-0018 A. Nozawa GEM Foil HV Testing Certification Sheet
UTA-HEP/LC-0019 J. Smith
GEM Foil FNAL Preamp Certification Sheet
UTA-HEP/LC-0020 J. Yu, E. Ramberg & C. White
FNAL ILC Task Force Test Beam Working Group Final Report
UTA-HEP/LC-0021 J. Yu, M. Demarteau & M. Woods
Facility Support Needs for US Detector R&D for the next 5 years
UTA-HEP/LC-0022   et al.
World Wide ILC Detector R&D Report (DCR): Beam Test Section
UTA-HEP/LC-0023 S. Udit
VME Data Acquisition System, ADC Read
UTA-HEP/LC-0024 S. Udit ADC Read Software User Manual
UTA-HEP/LC-0025 K. J. Park et al. Radiation Effect on Gas Electron Multiplier Detector Performance
UTA-HEP/LC-0026 S. Park et al. Measurement of Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) Detector Characteristics Using Cosmic Ray and Radioactive Source
UTA-HEP/LC-0030 D. Pray
Analysis of T-1010 Test Beam Data from GEM Chambers with DCAL Readout System
UTA-HEP/LC-0031 Se Hwan Kim Pressure Dependence of GIA Chamber Gain
UTA-HEP/LC-0032 Se Hwan Kim Auto-optimizing Fitter for ROOT
UTA-HEP/LC-0033 C. Fonville
DCAL Instruction Manual
UTA-HEP/LC-0034 C. Fonville Long-Term DCAL Analysis
UTA-HEP/LC-0035 S. Khaled Characterization of GEM Chambers Using 13-bit KPiX Readout System
UTA-HEP/LC-0036 A. Bashyal et al. Investigation of Electric Sparks on the Failure of GEM Detector Prototypes
UTA-HEP/LC-0037 Ying wun Yvonne Ng et al. Long-Term Behavior of 30cm x 30cm GEM Detectors
UTA-HEP/LC-0038 Ying wun Yvonne Ng Seasonal Dependence of a Prototype GEM and Long-Term Analysis of the Electronics
UTA-HEP/LC-0039 Ying wun Yvonne Ng Detailed KPiX DAQ Run Procedure
UTA-HEP/LC-0040 Ying wun Yvonne Ng KPiX DAQ Run Checklist
UTA-HEP/LC-0041 Ying wun Yvonne Ng KPiX Data Analysis Using Calibration, Noise, and Cosmic Run Functions

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