AFP LOI (submitted Sep. 20, 2008)

Review Committee Questions January 16, 2009

AFP LOI Review meeting, February 20, 2009 (indico)

AFP Physics Review, June 22, 2009 (indico)

AFP Answer to April Review Committee Questions (submitted July 5, 2009)

Barcelona workshop Oct. 9,2009 has AFP presentation by Brandt, Review committee presentation by Zoccoli, and videos of the talks and Q&A session

AFP Technical Proposal May 5,2011

Timing and Conclusion chapters extracted from TP

Answers to referee questions on AFP Technical Proposal

Fast timing R&D proposal

Answer to referee questions on timing R&D proposal and
Appendix 1: Photos and Schematics of electronics

Legacy FP420 page

FP420 R&D Document (2009_JINST_4_T10001)

Andrew Brandt