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Jaehoon Yu 
Rm 342, Chemistry and Physics Building 
Physics Department 
Box 19059 
University of Texas
Arlington, TX 76019
UTA Office:   (817) 272-2814
Fax   :            (817) 272-2824
Dept. Office: (817) 272-2266
E-mail:  jaehoonyu@uta.edu

Teaching activities

  • Soring 2017: PHYS 3313-001
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  • Research activities.

    I am working on Fermilab Intensity Frontier experiments, including DUNEATLAS experiment at CERN and advanced detector development for future experiments.

    I am  am currently involved in Higgs searches and its property measurements in its WW final states in ATLAS.   Development of highly efficient e-gamma algorithm and distributed analysis system for the ATLAS experiment were part of my primary interest in searching for the Higgs particle and am working on utilizing the Distributed Organization for Scientific and Academic Research (DOSAR) grid.  I  also have been working on development of the advanced digital hadron calorimeter for the International Linear Collider (ILC) and other experiment using the Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) technology and the possible broader use of GEM.

    For the intensity frontier, I am involved the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE), LArIAT liquid argon test facility, and the ORKA, rare Kaon decay experiments, utilizing our expertises in photon detectors and large area GEM detector development.  I co-leading the R&D coordination of the LBNE experiment.  My primary physics interest is the search for low mass dark matter in high intensity beams in addition to precise measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters.

    Here are my some of my previous World-wide International Linear Collider test beam contributions

  • ILC Detector Test Beam Roadmap Document  ( PDF)
  • Michael Witherell's letter following spring 2005 FNAL PAC meeting
  • ILC Testbeam Planning Document to Fermilab - Final Version ( PDF Format )
  • LC Cal Testbeam Group Report (pdf)
  • LC Cal Testbeam Discussion Slides(ppt) (pdf)
  • I also am a member of the CALICE Collaboration in GEM based digital hadron calorimeter and was the first chair of the CALICE Technical Board.

    I am involved in High Performance Computing Across Texas, HiPCAT, activities as well.  Here is the link to an in-person meeting held at UTA.

  • HiPCAT in-person meeting, Feb. 29, 2008, UTA
  • HiPCAT in-person meeting, Jan. 21, 2005, UTA
  • My  recent Vita (PS) and Research interests